about sunburn

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If you’ve ever spent a perfect day on the beach then you know there are a couple of feelings that settle over you at the end of it: satisfaction, refreshment, and a little bit of burning skin from spending all day in the sun.

That’s what sunburn and good marketing have in common: intensity, power, and (when it’s done right) you don’t even really know it’s happening.

My name is Daniel Kosmala and after years working in organizations from non-profits to startups to fortune 500s I realized it was time for a change. I have a deep appreciation for beautiful design, compelling and honest copywriting, and building websites that accurately communicate the who, what, and why of a brand. So I struck out on my own as a freelancer under Sunburn in order to help small businesses make a bigger splash.

With a diverse range of experiences and a solid finger on the pulse of marketing trends Sunburn is prepared to tackle your challenges.

I’d love to get to know you and have a conversation about how I might best serve your team and your customers.